Welcome to ANJARO

Posted by Joachim Pasquali on February 16, 2013  • 

This is the first roboter running on ANJARO java framework, a free java based framework for building robot applications.

ANJARO is made to work on many platforms supporting java like the here used Raspberry Pi or for example also on Android operating systems.

On this homepage, I will document everything around this framework and you will find a detailed documentation, so that you can build your own robot. Or you will just decide to take over, what is described on this homepage.

ANJARO is 100% open source and you will see, that there are millions of possibilities to use ANJARO on different devices. I will show you, how you can use ANJARO on your desktop, on your Android smartphone, on a Raspberry Pi and also together with a Arduino board.

As every robot, ANJARO supports actors (like motors, robot arms, etc.) and sensors (like light sensor, touch sensor, etc.). For some of them, I've already implemented some logic, others you can just add writing your own code, as ANJARO is a framework and therefore offers a lot of interfaces, which you can implement as you want. I tried to take some complexity away from you, as ANJARO handles the multi threading for you and offers an easy way of using different input and output channels like bluetooth, network socket connection, and a lot more.

So, this for now. Hope, you're getting interested and we will get a huge community some day. At least, it's a dream :)
Just want to say, that I hope, you will have as much fun with ANJARO than I have